Working in Full Motion Video Analysis

For many veterans, post-military careers can be challenging and overwhelming at times when finding a decent job after serving seems impossible. Numerous servicemen […]

Joining The Civilian World After Transitioning Out Of The Military

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STEM And The Future Of Geo Intelligence

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Engage with the Geo Owl Team

Team Feature: Kerry Mapes

There was an open position at Geo Owl for a proposal specialist that was recommended to me due to my strong technical writing skills.

Team Feature: Jeff Edwards

What brought you to Geo Owl?
I finished Graduate School at UNCW and I was looking to stay in the Wilmington area.

Geo Owl Awarded 10-Year USSOCOM Contract

Geo Owl awarded a 10-year USSOCOM contract on May 1, 2020.

Team Feature: Diana Pietrzak

What brought you to Geo Owl?
My spouse was stationed in North Carolina and I began my job search almost immediately upon moving here.

Team Feature: Brittney Caldwell

What brought you to Geo Owl?
A job posting for Geo Owl caught my attention, so I went to the website to do some digging. I saw the Team Geo Owl video on the website and immediately knew I wanted to be part of the team!

Team Feature: Corinne Walker

What brought you to Geo Owl?
At the time I was looking for a new opportunity where I could grow in my career but I also wanted to work for a company that I believed in.