In an ever evolving world of new and changing threats, Geo Owl is proud to support our partners in the DoD and US Government by providing expertise in multiple areas of intelligence analysis, from Geospatial services to All-source analysis. Our dedicated professionals deploy around the world and work around the clock to provide solutions to our mission partners.

GEOINT – Geospatial Intelligence

Geo Owl’s staff is fully trained in the latest imagery and GEOINT exploitation techniques and technologies. Our professional analysts will provide the proper solutions for you to have the clearest understanding possible of any situation.

ISR Tactical Control

Geo Owl provides expertly executed tactical control of manned and unmanned ISR assets. We know how to savor every second of on station time and utilize your assets to the fullest of their capabilities. We are experts in ISR synchronization and optimization and have successfully completed thousands of missions in all corners of the world.

FMV Analysis

Our FMV analysts provide near real time information derived from tactical ISR platforms. Our professionals are well trained in exploiting the latest sensors and disseminating the most effective intelligence information.

Network Administration and Engineering

Our experts provide support on advanced enterprise level networks with thousands of users that require around the clock support 24 hours a day.

Fusion and ABI

Geo Owl provides advanced Geospatial Fusion and ABI services utilizing the latest sensor technology to create an even more thorough, in depth understanding of environments for customers around the globe. This includes fusing multiple sensor formats, from LiDAR, HSI, MSI and others.

Information Technology Services

Geo Owl provides a host enterprise level information technology services to intelligence community and Department of Defense. Our experts integrate state of the art technology systems for some of the most diverse and challenging networks on planet earth.

Map Production

Geo Owl combines our real-world experience supporting the NGA and DoD with our unique understanding of data production processes. Geo Owl’s uniquely qualified experts provide the appropriate experience and qualifications ensuring the highest quality in map production.

Satellite Communications

Geo Owl provides experts in building and supporting advanced satellite communications equipment capable of communicating anywhere in the world.