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At Geo Owl, we firmly believe that our strength lies in our team. Our dedicated professionals are not just employees, but pioneers, thinkers, and problem solvers, exploring the frontiers of geospatial excellence. They come together from diverse backgrounds, driven by a shared passion for unlocking the power of geospatial data to transform the world. Each person on our team makes a unique contribution, using their skills and creativity to breathe life into our solutions and bring fresh perspectives to the challenges we tackle. At Geo Owl, we don’t just offer jobs, we offer opportunities for personal growth, collaborative innovation, and the chance to be part of a team that’s making a real difference. Our people are the beating heart of Geo Owl; they are the difference-makers, creating a brighter, more connected future, one geospatial solution at a time.

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Jeff is an Army Veteran, our Lead Recruiter and specializes in connecting with intelligence veterans from our Armed Forces and providing them an opportunity to join the Geo Owl team! He has years of experience putting candidates in the positions they want and are most qualified for. His passion is giving people a chance to be part of something great, not just a company, but a dedicated team!

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To our nations heroes and their families, we thank you for your service. As a company made up of 95% veterans, we understand the importance of life after the military. That is why Geo Owl is committed to our Military Transition Program (MTP) to help you and your loved ones prepare for your next mission.

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Military Transition Program


We are proud to support our nation’s service members while they transition into their civilian career after the military. Our military transition guide will provide assistance on how to shift to civilian life, make your resume more attractive to our recruiters for career opportunities, and is packed with resources for you and your loved ones to make your next mission as smooth as possible.

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Geo Owl is a great place for veterans! As a company with a majority of veteran team members, we can relate to your time and service and you will enjoy our people focused mission first attitude.

Mackenzie Higgins

Geospatial Analyst

“I served as a Crew Chief on the UH-1Y helicopters in the Marine Corps for five years before I transitioned out at the end of 2016. I knew when I got out that I wanted to be a part of something meaningful and challenging again, but was not sure which direction I wanted to go in. As I was pursuing my education, I found Geo Owl and I was immediately drawn to the company culture. The company and its mission inspired me to pursue my master’s degree in GIS so that I could apply for an internship as a geospatial analyst with Geo Owl. The company has fostered my growth in the GIS field through the internship program and into a full-time position. Thanks to Geo Owl, I have found both professional fulfillment and the opportunity to challenge myself and grow in my career.”

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Dan Harper

Ft. Gordon Site Lead

“I spent just over 22 years total in the Army, between active duty and the reserves, from which I recently retired from. Having spent such a long time in the Army, I didn’t really know what to expect. I attended the mandatory pre-separation classes, which covered everything from interview skills to resume writing. I compiled my resume and reached out to random post-military recruiters in hopes to not only get it out to employers, but to gain some knowledge on the job market. I eventually was hired as an imagery analyst at Fort Gordon, GA. We all have heard leaders say they care about their employees, but with the larger companies it felt like a mandatory statement. With Geo Owl, they truly do care about the employees at all levels and will do what is needed to ensure our needs are met. Finding an organization that follows through on their word was a huge relief when transitioning into civilian life.”

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Diego Marquez

Junior Full Stack Developer

“I served in the United States Marine Corps from 2016 to 2020 as a Field Radio Operator aka ‘0621’. It was a wild and amazing ride, and I wouldn ‘t trade the experience for anything. Towards the end of my enlistment I looked over the different Skillbridge Courses the military had to offer. I found one that really interested me, it was called MSSA (Microsoft Software & Systems Academy). Growing up I was always a fan of gaming and technology, so being able to learn about different aspects of software development sounded awesome! Halfway through the course, I finished my active-duty enlistment and started the job search almost immediately. I had a really hard time looking for a company that was willing to take me in and give me a shot considering my lack of on-the-job experience. This was also during the start of the COVID pandemic. I remember reaching out to Geo Owl, they understood where I was coming from and decided to help me out! I love my team! A huge thank you to Geo Owl!”

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Cory Laguna

HR Representative

“I thought I knew what to expect transitioning from service, especially a 20-year career, but it was a lot more challenging than I thought. There were a lot of factors I hadn’t considered, such as the post-COVID environment, qualifications for positions, overthinking a resume, and so on. The little things really added up and I found that I just needed to relax and refine my counter-questions for potential employers. Then everything came together when I found Geo Owl. It was a veteran heavy company with great group of people where I could instantly tell I’d enjoy working. It also brought familiarity since it’ s an intelligence focused company, and it’ s been really great working here and I’ m looking forward to the future with Geo Owl.”

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Scott Wirth

JGASS Deputy Site Lead

“I am a veteran with nine years of military service and three combat deployments. After leaving the Army, I embarked on a new path in the civilian world and found a company that resonates with my values and interests. Joining Geo Owl has reignited my sense of purpose, allowing me to bring the same level of dedication and drive from my military service to my current career. With a strong work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, and adaptability, I have become an integral part of the team, contributing my skills and expertise to assist in the customer ‘ s mission. My transition from military service to a fulfilling civilian career serves as a testament to the team cohesion I feel as a Geo Owl employee.”