Navy Fighter Pilot in a F-18

DoD (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force)

Geo Owl is a trusted partner of the United States military, providing top-notch technology, services, and support. The Department of Defense depends on Geo Owl’s expertise in recruiting and retaining an exceptional team of professionals to meet their demanding needs. With their unparalleled ability to find and train the best personnel, Geo Owl ensures that the DOD can always rely on them for mission-critical support.

Army Ranger in field Uniforms

Special Operations Forces

Geo Owl has supported SOF for over a decade with steadfast worldwide 24/7 mission support. High priority missions demand a focus and dedicated team of professionals, Team Geo Owl honored to serve at the tip of the spear. From Geospatial Technology insertion, to Training, expert analysis, and advisory support, Geo Owl provides the Stability, Agility, and Reach these elite forces demand. Learn more about our support of Special Operations Forces

Government Officials, Military Men and Top Corporate Executives

Intelligence Agencies

Geo Owl provides geospatial intelligence support to the 18-member Intelligence Community in the United States. They rely on Geo Owl’s unwavering commitment to the United States National Security and our unsurpassed ability to support cleared environment missions in high stakes operations.

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