Joining The Civilian World After Transitioning Out Of The Military

If you have recently been discharged from the military or plan to get out in the near future, there is a good chance […]

If you have recently been discharged from the military or plan to get out in the near future, there is a good chance that you will experience a bit of culture shock when entering back into the real world as a civilian. Transitioning and relocating to a new town can be tough and being able to navigate through your new normal can take some time to adjust. Here are some things you need to know about navigating life outside of the military, courtesy of Geo Owl, U.S. geospatial technology professionals:

Housing and Health Care Isn’t Free Anymore

Before exiting the military, you should have a good idea about where you would like to relocate. Whether you choose to go back to your hometown or start someplace totally new, you should always do your research to be aware of the expected cost of living in that particular area. Understanding what benefits, if any, will carry over when you leave the military is crucial. You should also investigate specific areas and neighborhoods within the new town. This will determine where your children will go to school, potential job opportunities and pay, and tax deductions and other benefits available to veterans. Also, when you’re considering job options, you’ll need to factor in the value and cost of benefits, such as health care, into what your overall compensation package would be. Geo Owl U.S. geospatial technology professionals receive a benefits package that stands out among the rest, making the transition a little bit easier and more appealing for veterans that have been discharged from the military.

You’re Not a Part of a Unit Anymore, So Lingo and Authority Will Differ

For better or worse, your life will no longer revolve around your unit. It may be a good idea to join a local chapter of a veterans service organization or volunteering at a nonprofit that serves other veterans in your community to provide you with a sense of the military comradery that you are used to. Communicating with your peers and potential employers will also be another change to consider. Typically, service members are used to focusing on what their team did as a whole. In a job interview or performance evaluation, however, you need to know how to sell your own accomplishments and make clear why your skills are an asset. Taking on a career at Geo Owl gives employees a sense of being a part of a unit with the same goal in mind – to protect and fight for our country’s freedom.

Geo Owl U.S. Geospatial Technology Professionals

If you’re the type of person that wants to drive meaning and a sense of accomplishment from what you do, then Geo Owl is the place for you. We are proud to support our nation’s service members while they transition into their civilian careers after the military. Geo Owl recently won the 2021 Military Friendly Employer designation for our program and commitment to recruit, retain and advance veterans within our organization. The program also provides a military transition guide, which provides assistance on how to shift to civilian life, make your resume more attractive to our recruiters for career opportunities, and is packed with resources for you and your loved ones to make your next mission as smooth as possible. If you choose to start a career with Geo Owl, you will get to continue to be a part of our country’s mission by supporting our government and defending our freedom. Working alongside other veterans will give you a sense of unity, with opportunities to grow in your career. To learn more about the benefits of working with Geo Owl, visit our Careers page today.




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