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Working in Full Motion Video Analysis

For many veterans, post-military careers can be challenging and overwhelming at times when finding a decent job after serving seems impossible. Numerous servicemen […]

For many veterans, post-military careers can be challenging and overwhelming at times when finding a decent job after serving seems impossible. Numerous servicemen and women find themselves un- or under-employed the first few years after their transition. Fortunately, military-trained professionals offer a select set of skills, such as full motion video analysis, that most civilians do not possess. The years of training, enforced professional tendencies, and specialized tactics education enables veterans to be essential workers in various fields such as full motion video analysis with Geo Owl.  

Geo Owl, a people-centric surveillance and intelligence provider, offers an individualized military transition program for veterans who are willing and able to utilize their knowledge on military tactics for the benefit of the nation. Geo Owl surrounds employees and transitional members with like-minded individuals without the high-stress situations of the combat zone. Skill sets such as full motion video analysis, ISR tactical control, and map production are all key assets to the work that Geo Owl produces.

Full motion video has been used in ISR tactics more frequently over the last 15 years, to where using the video data has become an everyday expectation.  Geo Owl full motion video analysts have dedicated numerous hours of hard work to provide near real time information to our country’s defense forces. This metadata is gathered by the tactical ISR platforms performed by the military and defense teams and then analyzed by the Geo Owl team to locate pertinent information. This team effort then supplies our nation with full-motion imagery to track, predict, and reduce patterns in tactical approaches. Geo Owl assists the nation’s defense forces in day to day combat, and strives to supply the most detailed knowledge in crucial times of need to keep our troops and protective agencies as knowledgeable and safe as possible. 

The military produces an abundance of trained professionals in full-motion video analysis that are still able and ready to work in the industry and provide much-needed abilities, but do not know where to begin looking for such positions. Start with Geo Owl. 




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