What is Full Motion Video?

Full Motion Video (FMV) is at the forefront of the modern intelligence collection process. FMV can be collected from a myriad of sensors packaged on aerial or ground assets. FMV refers to live or near-real time video and provides up to the second intelligence to decision makers. Full Motion Video is analyzed by a team of professionals that isolate important details manually and algorithmically to build detailed intelligence products for decision makers.

What do FULL MOTION VIDEO Analysts Do?

FMV Analysts rely on video exploitation tools to analyze the “feed” from electro-optical (EO), infrared (IR), or other video based motion image sensors. Typically, the Full Motion Video analyst will input live intelligence into a communication channel or database that is distributed to team and mission members. Full Motion Video analysts are capable of creating detailed video, still image, or reports that reveal accurate ground truth details. The FMV team implements quality control and intelligence synthesis methods to ensure accurate information is available for stakeholders.

What sets Full Motion Video analysts apart?

Full Motion Video helps decision makers create critical up to the minute decisions based on highly accurate intelligence. FMV analysts are able to point out key mission details in the video and are capable of cross referencing other intelligence sources to create a meaningful intelligence picture. FMV analysts are at the “tip of the spear” in the intelligence collection cycle. The Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) of FMV is typically performed at military sites across the globe, but its use is expanding everyday into commercial industries including Oil and Gas, Business Intelligence, Agriculture and more.

Geo Owl Leads the Industry in Full Motion Video Analysis

Geo Owl is at the forefront of the FMV revolution. Full Motion video is a robust capability that requires industry experts to fully capitalize on the volume of intelligence and data collection possible. Our expert FMV Analysts are responsible for supporting some of the world’s most important missions. We engage with our customers to provide relevant, detailed, in-depth information that exceeds expectation. Our full motion video analysts are committed to excellence and elite amongst their peers. Geo Owl FMV Analysts deliver meaningful and impactful resolutions to complex challenges.

Geo Owl is also responsible for Patternflows. Patternflows is a patented desktop and web application, built for the collection and distribution of intelligence derived from aerial or ground-based ISR, with an emphasis on interoperability and multi-int fusion via an open API.

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