Pentagon Selects Geo Owl for Innovative Patternflows Technology

Geo Owl (Wilmington, NC) was one of only a handful of companies selected out of over six hundred submissions to present their Patternflows […]

Geo Owl (Wilmington, NC) was one of only a handful of companies selected out of over six hundred submissions to present their Patternflows technology this Fall to the Pentagon’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office’s (RRTO) Global Solutions Meeting. According to the program “RRTO is looking for highly innovative technologies that have the potential to provide leap-ahead capabilities against near-peer adversaries and fill gaps in critical joint mission needs no later than 2028. RRTO is focused on technologies within the DoD modernization areas.”

The Pentagon selected Geo Owl’s Patternflows technology for its ability to collect and disseminate information in a structure that allows for a massive expansion for the DoD’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes. According to Geo Owl’s CEO Nick Smith “The Pentagon is part of a growing list of interested parties in our Patternflows technology. Patternflows has been in development for over two years and is finally at the stage where its ready for prime time. When you see it in action, you immediately understand that it will completely revolutionize the way we perform intelligence and leverage machines to do more for us in the future.”


Patternflows is a patent pending technology that improves the way intelligence is collected, stored, and disseminated. The technology consists of an Open API structure which is strategically aligned with the DoD’s focus on data usability and interoperability for the future. The technology can be used for any intelligence observation and when used for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions, increases productivity by 130% compared to current methods. Data is collected in a way which allows for a vast expansion of spatial data which results in 500X the spatial data when compared to other methods. This vast expansion of information and the clean, open data architecture is what enables powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes. The intelligence information is distributed via a web application or feeds into other sources such as maps, dashboards or analytics tools via the API which enable other intelligence stakeholders to access information in near real time.

About Geo Owl: Geo Owl is a geospatial technology, services, and solutions provider headquartered in North Carolina and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They have supported the Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Intelligence Community since 2013 and have been recognized by Inc. 500, the US Department of Labor and are an SBA verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business. Geo Owl currently supplies Geospatial, Information Technology, and Intelligence services to the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the United States Army, and the Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC).

Learn more about Geo Owl and Patternflows at www.GeoOwl.com




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