3 Tips for your Military Transition Resume

December 5, 2022, Military Transition
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In this video Nick describes 3 resume tips for veterans transitioning from the military into civilian life. Whether you are transitioning to civilian life from the military from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Space force, Nick describes three easy things you can do on your resume.

1. Show a progression in your career in chronological order. This shows your interested in your own professional growth.

2. Demonstrate Tools that you use to help tell the story of how you spent your time in service. This helps civilian employers better relate to what your experience is as many of tools are similar, especially in an office setting.

3. It MUST be well written. If you are uncomfortable writing or do not have much writing experience, GET HELP. This is a sure sign that a candidate may struggle with communication within a company. Find a friend or even better, join the Geo Owl Military Transition Program (Link Below) for FREE assistance.

The Geo Owl Military Transition Program


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