What is Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) ?

All events and behaviors happen somewhere. This somewhere, is what we call geospatial information. Geospatial Intelligence is the interconnected link between behaviors, objects, or people and the location in which they occur. Its the spatial information tied to all data points that exist, after all, everything happens somewhere.

Where does Geospatial Intelligence come from?

Geospatial Intelligence is typically derived by analysts from imagery sources to include satellites or sensors equipped on aircraft. GEOINT comes from people utilizing advanced tools and sensors to pinpoint information. We analyze all sorts of imagery and location based intelligence sources to include Full Motion Video, lidar, electro-optical, infrared, synthetic aperture radar, hyperspectral, multispectral and ground moving target indicators.

What GEOINT analysis does Geo Owl perform?

Geo Owl analysts provide expertise for our customers all across the globe in over 10 locations. Analysts provide our customers with top echelon geospatial intelligence analysis and product production. We produce products such as change detection, 360’s, slope analysis, landing zones, storyboards, viewshed, custom maps, route analysis, pattern of life, and others.

How do you start a career in Geospatial Intelligence?

Most Geo Owl GEOINT experts start their careers in the military as geospatial or imagery analysts. However, there are many ways to get started to include college programs for remote sensing, geography, or geographic information systems. The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) also hosts an internship program that is a gateway for many analysts. Geo Owl provides internship and junior level opportunities that can also be a great launching pad for your career. Check out openings on our Careers page.