Engage with the Geo Owl Team

August 17, 2020, Other

The Engage program began as a concept from our Chief Growth Officer, Jim Moore. The goal was to encourage team members to interact with one another outside of work on their shared interests.

All of our Engage groups operate by the same core mentality. First, they are open and inclusive to everyone in the company. Second, they treat everyone fairly and with respect. Lastly, they make a consistent effort to recruit other Owls in the organization.

We are so excited to announce that we have several new groups at Geo Owl. Our groups range from things like business development to drones all the way to fitness and gaming. This is one of the many ways we aim to stay connected with our team and have fun doing it!

Take a look at what our Owls are interested in!

“Engage Outdoors encourages outdoor recreation and environmental conservation/activism. Our group will focuses on discussing environmental news and providing information for local recreation. We will also care for our community in the outdoors, and share our recent outdoor activities. ┬áThis group can benefit Geo Owl by promoting intersectional environmentalism and wellness. By sharing these ideals, we can better care for our planet, ourselves, and our community.” – Olivia Katz, Engage Outdoor Lead

Engage Drone Photos | Geo Owl | Location Intelligence

“Engage Drones was set up to respond to the internal interest in learning more about UAV technology. My vision for this group is to introduce you to the huge potential within the UAV sciences and equip you with some basic knowledge and experience in UAV operations, data collection, and processing.” – Kerry Mapes, Engage Drone Lead

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