Geo Intelligence and The New 5G

November 26, 2020, Other

5G is the short form for “fifth-generation mobile network” and is quite unlike any of the previous generations in that it is unlikely to be defined by any single technology. 5G is adding to the size and complexity of the network, and for operators, that means they’ll need to do more to keep things running smoothly. One capability which will play an important part in operators’ 5G strategy is geo intelligence. So what do these capabilities look like and how will they help operators during each stage of their 5G deployment? Geolocated data can play an important role at each stage of deploying a 5G network. During planning it can help prioritize 5G investments, and during the validation stage it can be used to validate the performance of new 5G clusters. Finally, as the traffic on the network increases, it can be used to analyze and optimize performance.

5G’s higher frequencies, which are needed to carry huge amounts of data, have a very short range that can be impacted by the smallest of obstructions. The signal is so sensitive that it can be blocked by the palm of your hand, a bird, or even a raindrop. 5G will also require a denser telecom network, meaning more towers will need to be placed selectively and strategically. This is where the accuracy of geospatial data is crucial to plan where network towers must be built to perform efficiently. Because of the sensitivity of radio waves, it is necessary to have detailed maps of buildings with roof features, pipes, air conditioners, spires, sloping roofs, and even vegetation, which also can affect signal propagation.

Since the 5G rollout and its subsequent expansion will enable more mobile interaction opportunities, the value of location-based services for industries such as advertising, marketing, transportation, and retail will only see increases in the need and use of geo intelligence. 5G will also usher in new technology trends that will significantly impact the overall mobile network architecture, thus influencing the traditional positioning concepts as well. 

The reality is that there are still a lot of questions surrounding the 5G monetization. Although Geo Owl is not in the industry of mobile networks, we are proud that geo intelligence is being publicly talked about and utilized now more than ever before. Geo intelligence is used across multiple industries today and is a specialized field of practice within the intelligence community. At Geo Owl, we know that if the operators continue to use geo intelligence to their advantage to increase operational efficiency and reduce some of the cost associated with 5G deployment, they will soon be well on their way to meet their return on investment. We are proud to work in an industry that, even outside of our organization, has a hand in so many parts of our world.

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