The Cover Letter: Tell Your Story

February 10, 2020, Military Transition

Make your cover letter personal. The purpose of the cover letter, besides introducing yourself and your resume, is to catch the interest of the employers so they actually read your resume in the first place. The best way to seize someone’s attention is to address them personally.

Use the cover letter to engage your reader.Although good resumes are specific to a particular job posting, they are also fairly impersonal. Use your cover letter to show your personality and expand upon your skills and assets that are difficult to convey in a resume.

The easiest way to make your Military to Civilian cover letter is to address the hiring manager by name, if you can find it. Make sure to express interest in something business related the company has done, such as a recent product launch or acquisition to establish that you care enough to do your research. It is surprisingly easy to do in the current age of the internet and social media.

Sympathize with the company’s issue(s). You talk a lot about yourself during a job search/ interviewing process. Having the ability to be knowledgeable and likeable is a way to address the company and their needs, or more specifically, their need for the job posting you applied for.

Offer yourself as the solution. The natural conclusion is to offer yourself as a solution to the company’s issues. This is the easiest part of your cover letter. Tell a story where you solved a problem similar to the one faced by your employer. Leave the bullet points in your resume.

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