Identifying Transition Related Difficulties

December 11, 2019, Military Transition

According to the Department of Defense, about 1,300 military service members, spouses, and children transition into civilian communities each day. Transitioning out of the military is a big step. It is important know what lies ahead so that you can properly prepare and provide a smooth move for yourself and/or your family.

Veterans may find frustration in the following areas:
1. Reconnecting with family & re-establishing a family role
2. Joining or creating new communities
3. Preparing to enter the workforce
4. Returning to a job
5. Creating structure at home or in civilian life
6. Adjusting to providing the basics
7. Adjusting to a different pace of life and work
8. Establishing services such as going to the doctor or
handling life insurance

Identifying these difficulties that you and your family may face is the first step.
Tackling them is the next. Check out these three books below that we recommend looking into during your transition.

  1. Separating From Service:
    The Mental Health Handbook for Transitioning Veterans

  2. PCS to Corporate America:
    From Military Tactics to Corporate Interviewing Strategy

  3. Down Range: A Transitioning Veteran’s Career Guide to Life’s Next Phase

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